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Sale Price: Upon Request
Residence type: House
Bedrooms: 7 (6 en suite)
Area: 1.23 Acres
Built area: 26.900 square feet

Listing Information

Code ID: IN5269
Location: Portugal
Gated Community: No

Description: Unique luxury property located on beach front Road between Cascais and the beach of Guincho. With stunning views over the Golf Course and Atlantic Ocean beyond, this property with more than 5,000 sqm of land and with 2,500 sqm of built area, is a masterpiece in architecture and interior design, with large living areas, outside and inside, all leading to an enormous pool and splendid gardens. The sumptuous entrance, the marble Hall and eight bedrooms, some of which have independent access to ensure privacy. There is a fantastic indoor pool with a gymnasium, a disco, fantastic home cinema and bar, extensive staff accommodation, total privacy, makings this property one of a kind.
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