Real Estate Consulting and Special Consulting Services for Foreign Investors
To our brazilian and foreign clients we offer personalized real estate advisory service independent of whether the property purchased was listed with Judice & Araujo.

Services Offered to Brazilian Clients:
- Verification of all documents related to the property as well as the seller (examining records at SERASA, certification of \"certidões negativas\" etc.);
- Preparation and follow-up of down-payment documentation, purchase/sale agreement and final sales contract;
- Registration of sales contract with appropriate \"Cartório de Registro de Imóveis\" (RGI), filing transfer of Title documents with the Municipality, and assistance in changing condominium billing, electricity billing etc;
- Full support service up to the turn-over of keys and possession of property by the client.

Services Offered to Foreign Clients:
- In addition to the advisory services specified above;
- Assistance in obtaining an Income Tax number (CPF);
- Preparation of Income Tax Exemption declaration for non-resident foreigners by our in-house accountant;
- Preparation of the Minutes of Down-Payment Receipt in English/Portuguese;
- Assistance in choosing a Notary and in preparing Minutes of Sales Contract;
- Assisting clients upon their arrival in Brazil.

Observation: Our company provides clients with wide-ranging support upon their arrival and move to Brazil by indicating schools, commercial establishments and other service providers. Please contact us should you require additional information and for an estimate of our cost for providing these services.

Leblon: +55 (021) 2540.9999
Barra: +55 (021) 2499.4244
Petrópolis/Itaipava: +55 (024) 2222.0382
Petrópolis/Itaipava: (024) 99291.7770
Leblon: (021) 98191.1503
Barra: (021) 99112.3891


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